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How To Participate

There are two ways to participate in the 2014 event.  You can organize your own Cycle for ALS event, or you can simply take part in one of the already planned events.  Either way we are very grateful that you have taken the first step in helping Blazeman in his self declared "War on ALS".  We really encourage folks all over the country to organize their own event.  Organizing a Cycle for ALS event is a simple process which can be accomplished with very little effort.  All you need to do is find a place to spin and to gather your favorite training buddies.  Public places such as health clubs, shopping malls, sporting good stores, or parks where people congregate are great places (get creative).  Sometimes the easiest place to hold an event is the local health club where you may already spin/work out.  Just ask the manager to host a Cycle for ALS event in their building, and  invite all members to participate.   At last years spin-a-thons several events were set-up in lobbies/atriums of health clubs near the entrances and exits.  Get people to notice what you are doing by hanging signs/banners and by playing inspiring music/videos.  **NEW**  If you live in the part of the country that is warm and sunny in February, please feel free to organize a group ride in support of the Cycle for ALS.

We have lots of ideas on how to make your event sucessful and will be providing an event package which include:

A special gift for the Site Organizer

A Blazeman Cycle for ALS Banner

Information of the Blazeman Foundation

Please contact us for further information and to confirm an event.

We're making February

"War on ALS Month"

Schedule your event any day in the month of February.  Give us the date, time, location and contact and we'll post it on our "Find an Event" page.

Since 1869...the ALS Disease Death Toll...20,549,596 Fallen...411 people per day...17 people per hour...Survivors..0